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Are There Calculations Applicable to All Facilities?

Yes. Section 95125 of the Regulations may be one of the most important sections as it defines many of the default emissions factors and testing procedures applicable to all plants. Your reporting crew must be familiar with this section.

Subarticle 2 lays out the calculation methods for sector specific facilities, but frequently references this 95125 for all the various alternate calculation methods that operators may use, or when a method has cross application amongst multiple sources.

Covered in § 95125 are:

1) Source testing or CEMS testing procedures;

2) Default emission factors;

3) Measured Heat Content methodology;

4) Measured Carbon Content methodology;

5) Fuel Mixture Calculations;

6) Fugitive CH4 emissions from Coal Storage;

7) Calculating Indirect Electricity Usage;

8) Calculating Indirect Thermal Energy Usage.