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How Do the Regulations Mandate Fuel Use Measurements?

    Fuel Use Measurements: These are referred to as “Fuel Analytical Data Capture” in §95103 (a)(8)-(9) of the regulations
  1. If a source’s GHG emissions are being calculated rather than directly measured by CEMS, the fuel used by that source must be measured. Fuel data must follow these basic elements:
    • Required data includes mass or volume, flow rate, heat content, and carbon content, and all measurements must be within plus of minus 5%, and must verifiable.
    • At least 80% of the fuel used for each source must be accounted for and measured according to requirements. If more than 20% is unmeasured, that source is unverifiable.
    • If the missing fuel data constitutes less than 20%, the missing data can either 1) be filled in according to federal regulations 40 CFR 75 or Part 60; or 2) by using the average of the known fuel data.
    • If the unverifiable source constitutes more than 5% of the entire emissions report for that year for the reporter, then the entire report is unverifiable.
  2. If a source uses mixed fuels, the reporter must measure the flow volume or mass of the mixture with an accuracy of 5%, and determine the flow volume or mass of the three fuels individually. The second measurement is not used in the GHG calculation, is not verified, does not need to be within 5%, and can therefore be estimated.
  3. The following fuel data is also required:
    • Total fuel flow to each source over the specified time intervals used in the reports for the source.
    • Total annual fuel consumption for each fuel
    Measurement Requirements for Specific Fuel Types:
  1. Solid Fuels: Kilograms, with belt or conveyor calibrations conducted at least quarterly. Report fuel combusted in metric tonnes.
  2. Liquid Fuels: Total volume of each fuel each month in gallons.
  3. Gaseous Fuels: Standard Cubic Feet (scf) per month for each gaseous fuel. All flow meters must be set at a specific temperature.