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I’ve Completed My Report; What Now?

The next step is verifying your report. Verification is accomplished by an accredited Verification Body, such as GHG Analytical.

Scheduling for these reports is as follows:

a) Annual Verification:

1) 3 year cycle of 1 intensive, 2 non-intensive: Operators required to obtain annual verification (generally, operators combining more than one sector) must obtain a full verification report on the first year verification is required (2010). If full verification opinion is positive, operators subject to annual verification may choose to obtain two years of less intensive verification services. On the third year, full verification requirements kick in again.

“Less intensive” means verifiers check the reporters data for years two and three against the verifiers record from year one; the verifier does not need to do an extensive audit, run their own calculations again, or re-sample until year three, when the cycle begins again.

b) Triennial Verification:

1) Every 3 years only: Verifiers under less intensive verification requirements may submit verification reports once every three years, with no required verification activity on years 2 and 3. Operators may choose to have verification on years 2 and 3 but do not have to.

2) Switch on 6th year: Operators subject to triennial verficiation must also switch verification bodies once every six years