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What Do I Report?

    Reporting Requirements by source: Which gases are reported, and how, depends on the source:
  1. Stationary Sources:
    • Gases reported: CO2, N20, CH4, SF6, HFC, PFC
    • Must include fugitive sources, e.g. wastewater treatment, oil water separation, leaking lines, storage tanks, etc.
    • Anything metered separately must be separately reported
  2. Mobile Sources:
    • Mobile sources may be voluntarily reported, but are not necessary.
  3. De Minimis Sources: Any separate source producing no more than 3% of a facility’s total CO2 equivalent emissions, but not exceeding 20,000 metric tonnes.
    • An operator may elect to calculate emissions from de minimis sources in any way they see fit, so long as it can be verified. Reports must still be in units of measurement acceptable for reporting.