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What Happens if My Fuel Measurement Equipment Breaks Down?

The Regulations specify an Interim fuel measurement procedure in case of equipment failure: An operator must use alternative means of measurement for fuel usage if fuel monitoring equipment breaks down, and if the lost data would put the operator over the 20% limit on missing fuel data. This interim methodology must be approved by CARB and should begin immediately upon breakdown of the equipment and prior to requesting approval.

    Generally, the operator must show
  • promptly replacing or repairing the equipment would cause a shutdown to the unit or a portion of the facility that would significantly affect the facility’s operations
  • equipment for repairing or replacement is not available
  • interim will only be used for a reasonable amount of time necessary to repair or replace the damaged equipment
  • the request for review of interim procedures is made within 30 days
      The request for written review must include all of the following:
    • Proposed start and end date of the interim procedure
    • detailed description of the affected data
  • demonstrate that the interim method is within the accuracy of whatever method was being used prior to the stoppage
  • demonstrate that no feasible alternative exists that would provide more accurate emissions data
  • demonstrate that the interim procedure will not remain in place longer than necessary to repair and/or replace the damaged equipment
  • If approved, the interim data used is deemed to fully meet the normal requirements for fuel analytical data capture under the rules